The frog has washed his hands

As soon as the pandemic began, Johnson’s has announced a donation of 1 million soap bars to UNICEF to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst children lacking access to hygiene products. 

But what else could we do to help educate kids against this disease?
We chose the most powerful teaching tool for children: music.

One of the most popular songs amongst all Brazilian kids is about a frog that, despite living in a lagoon, doesn't wash his feet. Well, we made him wash his hands.

Using the same rhythm as the original song, we've changed the lyrics. All the parents had to do was teach their kids to sing the new frog song two times in a row while washing their hands - enough to guarantee an effective 20-second handwash.

Through social media, we've spread the Little Froggy's song teaching exactly how to do: lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Do not forget the wrists. Influencers also went on board. 



The numbers were off the charts. Hundreds of teachers have used the video to post their own versions of our song to teach their students how to protect themselves - and others. Thousands of parents posted their kids showing how to wash their hands singing to our music. We've reached our goal: turned prevention into a moment of fun.

ECD: Saulo Rodrigues
Creative Directors: Rafael Freire, Bruno Ponzini
ACDs: Nayara Lima, Talita Cardozo
Copywriting: Babi Puttini
Art Direction: Wander Tosta

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